Simple invoicing and automatic reminders

For each company

You can create invoices in a few clicks and the administrative proces is automatic. All your outstanding invoices appear in the scorecard and payment reminders are generated automatically. In this way, you will charge your bills beforehand.

Inventory management in real time

For wholesalers

As a wholesaler, you can take advantage of inventory management in real time, introduce price changes centrally and easily print the labels of the corresponding items. Storage locations and transaction lists of all items will be available at all times. In addition, as the management of the inventory is integrated with your CRM system and your accounting, you will have a complete vision of your company.

Easily convert time into money

For service providers

Do you want to quickly convert the time invested in money? Record the time spent immediately after each project, wherever you are, from a smartphone, a smartwatch, a tablet or a laptop. Your invoices are generated instantly and the administrative proces is automatic. In this way, you can know exactly what hours correspond to each project and make the most of your billing capacity, save yourself double work and avoid losing profits.

Calculate budgets instantly

For manufacturers

In your production company, you can quickly and easily calculate budgets with the most recent cost prices with just one click. In addition, everything is integrated: from inventory management and production to customer and supplier management and accounting. Now you will have everything integrated in one platform, more practical is impossible!

Our solutions for companies

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Your accounting online with the most used program

Time & Billing

Management solution, tracking and recording of billable hours, along with accounting and CRM.

Project Management

Project management, contracts and subscriptions, along with accounting and CRM. All in one.


Control your inventory with warehouse management software.


Production control solution, order management and inventory, accounting and CRM. All in one.


Management software created for advisors

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