Project management, contracts and subscriptions, along with accounting and CRM

Exact Online for
Project Management

Project management and accounting in 1 package

From the quotation to the project, from the purchase invoice to the sales invoice, through the pending items. Thanks to this automation, errors will become part of the past. It uses the connections with the banks to automatically read the banking files and the scanning service to process the incoming invoices. In this way, you will minimize administrative tasks.

Total visibility about your projects and your employees

Detailed visibility on the evolution of your projects, budgets and margins, billing and the availability of your employees. You can base yourself on your forecasts because you will know exactly how many employees are available. Without excess or lack of personnel.

Solid cash flow

Invoicing has never been so easy thanks to the record of expenses and hours. Bill on time and correctly and create a solid cash flow.
Send your invoices by project, by period, by bonuses, by service contracts or by offering subscriptions. In addition, you can also generate a predictable turnover.

Prices and packages Exact Online for Project Management


€ 139,-
/month [+VAT]


€ 179,-
/month [+VAT]
Company 1 company Extra 9,50 € / month 1 company Extra 9,50 € / month
Users 1 user Extra 12,- € / month 1 user Extra 12,- € / month
Time entry users 2 users Extra 4,- € / month 2 users Extra 4,- € / month
Invoicing based on fixed price & actuals
Online time tracking
Managing projects inlcuding dashboards
Managing customer relations with CRM
Managing rates
Breaking down projects
Capacity planning with a planboard
Registering absence and leave
Working with prepaid services & retainers
In Spanish, Catalan and English
Immediate Supply of VAT Information (SII)
Managing service contracts
Managing recurring billing & subscriptions
Analysing recurring revenue & subscription growth
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