Management solution, tracking and registration of billable hours, along with accounting and CRM

Exact Online for
Time & Billing

Do not anymore duplicate data in your system

Use a single program for tasks such as registering hours, purchases, billing, CRM and accounting, and do not duplicate data in your system. Also you can work online, even from your smartphone. Save time and you can better serve your customers.

Do not lose sight of your projects

How many hours have you been investing and at what rates? What are the expenses and the margins? Allow your employees to register their hours online. In this way you can see the evolution of your projects immediately.

Invoice on time and without errors

The registration of expenses and hours are the basis for correctly billing your customers. Forget about mistakes, not in bills. You will reduce the chances of having payment delays, since you will always have outstanding items in sight and you can easily send payment reminders.

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Prices and packages Exact Online for Time & Billing


€ 69,-
/month [+VAT]


€ 139,-
/month [+VAT]
Company 1 company Extra 7,50 € / month 1 company Extra 9,50 € / month
User 1 user Extra 9,-€ / month 1 user Extra 12,- € / month
Time enty users 2 users Extra 3,- € / month 2 users Extra 4,- € / month
Invoicing based on fixed price & actuals
Online time tracking
Managing projects incl. dashboards
Managing rates
In Spanish, Catalan and English
Breaking down projects
Capacity planning with a planboard
Registering absence and leave
Working with prepaid services
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