Who are we and what do we do?

We are Sin Rodeos! The Spanish translation for ‘no nonsense’. We offer companies solutions in ERP software from Odoo and Exact. After 10 years on the Dutch market, we have been successfully active on the Spanish market for 5 years now. With these years of cross-border experience, we provide our customers with appropriate and no-nonsense business software advice.

Our focus is on the Spanish market, where we help companies with our know-how from the Netherlands and Spain on their way to automation in Spain. Together we look at:

  • Which business software fits best and offers the right solutions to automate your business processes.
  • How we will implement the best solution.
  • Which training and support is needed. When introducing a new method and system, these are the keys to satisfied employees and a successful implementation

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How can we help you?

We help you to optimise your business processes with the help of the steps below. Your organisation is central in our advice and solutions. From this basis, we determine together how the solution will contribute to your organisation. Automation always has a purpose. Whether it is to save costs or time, or to further professional development of your company.


Our analysis makes it clear where you can save costs and gain profitability. Sin rodeos advises which business software solution is best for your company.


Good and no-nonsense advice is of great importance when automating your business processes. Together with you, we look at possible bottlenecks; what needs attention? What can be improved? And which business processes are in need of renewal?


We are happy to help you implement the proposed solution in your business processes. Sin rodeos has years of experience with the implementation of business software solutions at organisations in various industries.

Training and Support

An IT solution is only useful if your employees can work with it without problems. Sin rodeos teaches your employees how to use the solution in practice and offers tailor-made training. We also provide the right aftercare after implementation.

Your partner in business software solutions in Spain and the Netherlands

More than 15 years of knowledge and experience

Sin Rodeos has more than 15 years of knowledge and experience in automating business processes in various companies.

Certified Exact and Odoo partner for Spain and the Netherlands

This status gives companies the security of doing business with a reliable partner that has knowledge and experience in the various industries.

Committed and no-nonsense approach

We aim for long-term and successful cooperation.