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Increase the reliability of deliveries

Your customers expect to receive the right products at the right time and with the right quality. To do this, you must have the right materials and have the most recent data of your stock and your planning. By submitting orders digitally to the workplace, your employees will know precisely what to do and when to do it. The probability of error is reduced to a minimum. These are the requirements to achieve high reliability of deliveries.

Produce more efficiently

Change the Excel sheets to a central data source so that all your staff have access to the relevant information. This will avoid duplication of data and errors. Having a global financial vision of your production processes will now be easier than ever. In addition, you can integrate other applications to increase even more the efficiency of your production.

Leave the competition behind

Turn your ideas into products quickly and intelligently. It goes without effort from large series to small and custom-made products at low cost. Let technology work for you and leave the competition behind.

Prices and packages Exact Online Manufacturing


€ 189,-
/month [+VAT]


€ 259,-
/month [+VAT]
Company 1 company Extra 7,50 € / month 1 company Extra 9,50 € / month
Users 1 user Extra 9,- € / month 1 user Extra 12,- € / month
Smart Shop Floor user 1 user Extra 9,- € / month 1 user Extra 9,- € / month
Calculating quotes and calculations
Calculating costs
Managing inventory
Managing purchase & sales orders
Managing shop orders
Register production time
In Spanish, Catalan and English
Immediate submission of VAT Information (SII)
Assigning batch and serial numbers
Plan material requirement
Manage multiple warehouse
Work with order picking locations
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